Would you like to experience the amazing views from a ski jump tower hanging on a rope, or take a wild ride on a pendulum? We offer experiences for bachelor parties, activities for birthday parties, and something a little different for company day outs. Huvimestari makes your day special and memorable!

Rappelling from ski jump tower


Rappelling down the Matti Nykänen ski jump tower is the all-time favourite of our customers - and for a good reason. The 58-metre-high tower on top of the Laajavuori hill offers incredible views over Jyväskylä for all the group members to enjoy. The instructor will guide you and take care of your safety. Every attendee will determine their own speed. Prices for groups start from 150 €.

Pendulum on Kinakuja bridge

Pendulum (currently unavailable)

The pendulum on the Kinakuja bridge is our second most popular activity. A pendulum is a giant swing tied to the structures of a bridge onto which a harnessed person jumps. Even though the bridge is relatively small, it gives a positive surprise – to some already when climbing over the rail. Compared to a bungee jump, the bridge swing ride is softer, which many customers have commended. Prices for groups start from 100 €.

Rock climber

Rock Climbing

Climbing on natural rock formations is an excellent way to experience nature. Everyone who has tried indoor bouldering should try the sport out in the nature. There are lots of possibilities in the Jyväskylä region for this sport for everyone, even for beginners. This activity doesn't require previous climbing experience, strength or flexibility and it's suitable for almost everyone. Prices for groups start from 200 €.

Ice climber

Ice Climbing

Trying ice climbing is a wonderful winter experience. You get to try the equipment mountain climbers use: ice axes and crampons. The activity doesn't require any advance skills, a person with basic fitness level will do fine. The easiest routes are undulating 'positive' walls and the most difficult are vertical ice walls. Everyone can find an adequate challenge for themselves. Prices for groups start from 275 €.